The Five W's of Testing: The Who

Over the next 5 - 6 weeks we will embark on a journey. A journey to take a look at "The Five W's of Testing." This »

Sublime Text 2/3 Sticky Keys (OSX)

I've been giving Sublime Text a fair try as of late. I am normally a full time Vim/Tmux user. One of the biggest annoyances I »

Quick Tip #1: Debugging Cucumber

Awhile ago I was writing some Cucumber features and I kept running into a failing Scenario that was related to displaying information in the view. So »

db_name with Mongoid

I have been using Mongoid for awhile now and with the newest release I ran into having issues with getting the error; 'validatedbname': db_name must »

has_many :through => :whaaaaa

Over the weekend I had been working on a new project that I co-founded with a few folks. We are going to be hosting monthly talks »

Ruby Metaprogramming: class_eval & instance_eval

When I am looking into experimentation for trying new things, it tends to help if I code it out into a breakable toy so to speak. »